College Council Committee

A College Council Committee is constituted with the following members:

NameDesignationCollege Council Committee
Dr. Vimala ThomasDirector/Principal,GMC,SiddipetChairman
Dr. Kandala Aparna VedapriyaProf & HOD, Dept of Anatomy,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Pitta ParamjyothiProf & HOD, Dept of Physiology, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Ganji Suresh BabuProf & HOD, Dept of Physiology, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Margaret ViolaProf & HOD, Dept of Pharmacology, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Vuppuluri Venkata ShailajaProf & HOD,Dept of Microbiology, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Kotta Devender ReddyProf & HOD,Dept of Pathology, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Badisha RajuProf & HOD,Dept of Forensic Medicine,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr.SrinivasProf & HOD,Dept of Community Medicine ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. G.SrinivasProf & HOD,Dept of Community Medicine ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Adonda MadhavProf & HOD,Dept of General Medicine, GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Mendu Suresh BabuProf & HOD,Dept of Paediatrics,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Venu Gopala Chary KAssociate Prof & HOD, Dept of Pulmonary Medicine,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Chilasagaram ShanthiProf & HOD . Dept of Psychiatry, ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Banoth Mohan Lal Prof & HOD . Dept of Dermatology, ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. T R Ravi MohanProf & HOD,Dept of General Surgery,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Bairy SrinivasAssociate Prof & HOD,Dept of Orthopaedics,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. K NagarajProf & HOD,Dept of ENT,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Mirza Mohammed Mohiuddin BaigProf & HOD of Opthalmology, ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Thirunagari ShobhaProf & HOD,Dept of Obstetric and Gynaecology ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Nanda Anupama PriyadarshiniProf & HOD, Dept of Anaesthesia, ,GMC,SiddipetMember
Dr. Chautakuri KishoreAssociate Prof & HOD, Dept of Radio-diagnosis, ,GMC,SiddipetMember